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No matter the legislative issue, from energy to social services, we understand the policies and politics that determine our clients’ fates.


Government is constantly evolving: term limits, litigation, changes in public policy, elections and special interests all impact government decisions. We work with our clients to navigate each of these challenges as we maneuver to influence government decision-making. Through decades of political and state agency experience, we’ve built a solid reputation and positive relationships with key decision makers. As a result, we are able to effectively communicate our clients’ interests and concerns directly to those responsible for policy decisions on the issues most important to them.


We not only specialize in legislative lobbying, but also excel in the areas of agency relations and executive lobbying. Our strategy is built around a team approach that is individually tailored to meet each client’s specific needs. We provide strategic counsel, coalition building, policy research and analysis, legislative tracking, message management and drafting of policy language.


Not only do we help our clients with the public-facing issues, we also assist with the behind-the-scenes work necessary to build an effective advocacy campaign. Whether developing membership alerts, assisting with opinion pieces or providing strategic counsel, A&A Advocates will provide a creative, winning, government relations strategy that works for you.


We know how government works and — more importantly — what makes government processes work, to the advantage of our clients.

In today’s competitive business environment, A&A Advocates partners with our clients to create successful strategies through targeted relationship building. Utilizing a comprehensive understanding of your goals and our extensive network of contacts, we foster relationships between clients and elected officials impacting nearly every industry sector. 

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