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We’ve spent years building relationships at the Oklahoma State Capitol and in the highest levels of state agencies, so when something affects your business, we’re in the best position to act.


We continually develop, update and vet our network of contacts to keep pace with the changing dynamics of Oklahoma’s political scene. You need accurate information to know how the legislative situation is changing and how to respond immediately and effectively.


We work to consistently and effectively represent the interests of our clients to government policymakers. For more than seven years, we have helped clients constructively engage policymakers and thought leaders to promote good policies and defend against government overreach.

Monitoring services

We offer issue-specific or general legislative monitoring to ensure that you have the most current information on the issues that matter to you. We identify bills to watch, prepare in-depth summaries, attend hearings and mark-ups and monitor Capitol chatter so you have a complete understanding of legislation from initial introduction to final law.


The information we provide includes updates, analysis and inside intelligence, giving you key information on legislation and policy issues as they happen. We also provide our newsletter and blog content, as well as alerts to provide to your members.


You will benefit from the experience we’ve gained and the relationships we’ve forged over the years, which can help get things accomplished.

Policy analysis

We provide in-depth research, analysis, and risk assessment of current initiatives and proposed legislation that may impact your business. Our analysis includes the history of specific legislations, its advocates and opponents, as well as information on the legislative and lobbying efforts of other entities.


Our insider information can give you a glimpse of current and future legislative and agency priorities and their impact on your business.

state agency relations

You benefit from our team’s diverse work backgrounds – we’re tapped into all aspects of Oklahoma government. Our history of working with Oklahoma’s state agencies provides our clients with a unique perspective on the most efficient means of reaching their legislative goals.


We provide an assessment of the political landscape for your particular agency, including personality briefings of electeds and government officials.


Interpretation by a state agency of newly enacted statutes frequently has a significant impact on its operation. Our firm has developed extensive expertise in advocating for client interests as state regulations are developed, and we work regularly with most all state agencies.

Coalition Building

Legislative and regulatory proposals are given more favorable consideration if they are supported by outside organizations. We are constantly building a network of individuals and organizations that may be called upon to support or oppose legislative and regulatory issues.


To build your coalition, we will bring like-minded companies or individuals together to work toward a single cause. Once relationships are established, we will clearly define objectives and develop an effective strategy to meet the goals of the coalition.

Communication is a vital part of any organization, and we provide the latest methods, ensuring our coalition members always have the latest information.

Grassroots Activities

One of the greatest ways your organization can affect influence and change among Oklahoma lawmakers is through grassroots advocacy efforts. Those efforts could include a rally at the Capitol, an email-writing campaign or special lobbying days. We’ll help you decide which activities will be the most effective at what time during each stage of your legislation.


After your legislation has passed we can help you arrange a signing ceremony, or, if your goal was defeat, a celebratory event for coalition members.

Direct Lobbying
Monitoring Services
Policy Analysis
State Agency Relations
Coalition Building
Grassroots Activities


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